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Google Places expert

Aubrey Grace has been working online for the past 10 years and has experience ranging from hand coding and launching dynamic e-commerce websites to consulting with local business to optimize, rank and market their websites.

Why should you hire Oneweb for your SEO (search engine optimization) and Internet marketing?

Because local SEO and Internet marketing is where Oneweb Internet Marketing focuses its services and it is these services that will best target the searches your customers use to find products and services online.

Oneweb Internet Marketing operates under one simple philosophy: over-deliver on value for our customers.


 Do you really need an expert for your local Internet marketing?

  • Fact: According to Google 80% of Internet searches are local in nature and 50% of those searches result in a purchase for a product or service. 

Do this to find out – open another web page, go to Google and type “your business” and “your city” eg. Vancouver plumber (this is a common search string customers use when looking to purchase local products and services) . Is your website visible on the first page of the search results? No? Did you notice your competitors that are there? Have you asked yourself why their websites are there instead of yours?

There are only two explanations for this:

1) Each competitor took the time out of their busy schedule to learn the “ins and outs” of SEO and invested a lot of time to rank their website on page 1 of Google for popular search terms.


2) They saw the value (and extra profit) in investing in a professional SEO services to get them results they desired while they focus on building their business by converting all the new Internet leads that flooded into their business.

Which one of those two options do you think will be most effective in producing the most revenue for your business?

Give us a call or send an e-mail now and ask for a complementary review of your website and to make some recommendations for ranking your website.

With Oneweb you get results, your business gets new customers and you get to spend time the on things that matter instead of trying to figure out what this SEO and Internet marketing stuff is all about.

To Your Exceptional Success,

Aubrey Grace

Oneweb Internet Marketing