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Convert your website to a mobile site

The mobile Internet is taking over the online market… Is your business website optimized to tap into the hottest Internet market today?

As a business owner, you cannot ignore the power a mobile site will have for your business. If you have yet to convert your website to a mobile site you are missing out on a huge opportunity…Watch This Video For More Information

In fact, the major websites, such as YouTube, Facebook and Yahoo already have their website specially made for mobile use. Even more revealing, Google alone has developed a special search engine just for mobile websites. This means mobile Internet users are huge for business.

Does your business book appointments?

Imagine for a moment there are two competing businesses, ABC Company and XYZ Company. It is the busiest day of the week for them and they are both fully booked. All of a sudden the phone starts ringing like crazy and they both get multiple cancellations which means a highly profitable day just turned into a break-even day or worse.

Has this ever happened in your business? Read on to find out what these business owners did about their situation

ABC Company owner immediately starts calling a limited number of customers to offer them a discount to try and fill the open time slots. But after an hour or so gives up as most of the customers can not be reached, are at work or have prior commitments.

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XYZ Company owner invested in mobile marketing and immediately sends out a text message to the company’s mobile customer list and within 5 minutes gets two text message responses and a phone call from customers who want an appointment.

Now you see how powerful having a mobile marketing plan can be for your business?

What if you don’t book appointments? Think about your business having the potential to contact all your customers with a text message for:

  • special offers
  • regular promotions
  • reminders
  • contest winners
  • openings
  • special event
  • and so much more

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The “mobile consumer market” is not the same as the typical Internet consumer market.

This is the main difference between a website user and a mobile website user

Home computer users have the time to research their buying decisions and will visit multiple websites, read reviews and consider their options.

mobile site shopperThe mobile market searches online to find information that will fulfill an immediate need. They are not researching they are  searching for a solution and ready to take action. This means businesses that also have a mobile site have a huge advantage over other businesses that only have a regular website.

The typical buying action after a desktop search happens one week later, after all the research is done and a decision is made. The typical buying action after a mobile search is just one hour! Mobile Internet users are all about immediacy. As mobile designed websites are easy to navigate and use on a mobile phone, they get the most views from the mobile market.

Having a mobile site and marketing to mobile users has the potential to drive new business growth and customer loyalty as mobile devices are personal, powerful and portable. As a business owner, you now have the ability to connect with your market almost immediately.

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Traditional website vs mobile website

Traditional websites are built to be viewed on a computer screen instead of a small mobile phone screen. So viewing a traditional website that has not been “mobilized” on a mobile phone is frustrating and cumbersome. You have to scroll all over the place and zoom in and out just to find the information you’re looking for due to the limited screen space.  In fact, some “non-mobilized” websites don’t even load at all on mobile devices.

Check out what your website looks like on our mobile phone simulator here

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Mobile marketing encompasses many different types of marketing techniques and strategies that will help your businesses increase profits and return on investment.  Which means mobile marketing is cost effective in driving new customers to your business. We offer the most popular forms of mobile marketing today: mobile-friendly websites, SMS text message marketing, and QR codes (Quick Response codes – powerful marketing bar codes for mobile phone users).

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Here are the mobile market numbers:

  • 85% of all US adults have a Smartphone and for those aged 18-34 the number is 95%!
  • As of the last quarter of 2010 there are 63.2 Million Smartphone users in the USA!  91% of them keep their phone within 3 feet of themselves 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
  • Use of Smartphones in the USA is up 60% overall in the last year!
  • 302.6 Million Smartphones shipped worldwide in 2010… that number is up 75% from 173.5 million units shipped in 2009!mobile site money
  • According to recently released figures from Mobio, during July to December of last year, QR code scanning grew a massive 1200%
  • Nearly half of mobile consumers can be termed ‘mobile shoppers’
  • Mobile has the broadest reach. Mobile 4.8 billion vs. Internet 1.7 billion users
  • 5 Billion Mobile users world wide expected in 2010 –World population is 6.8 Billion
  • There are almost 5 times more mobile devices than computers
  • Mobile text messaging has the fastest read rate at 90% in 15 minutes with a 97% final open rate
  • The only marketing media that reaches consumers while they are on the go
  • Mobile has 5X better sales conversion rates than online
  • Mobile has 7X better coupon redemption rates than online & offline
  • Text Message Marketing is 5X more effective than Online Marketing
  • Mobile has much less media competition (online & email is very crowded)
  • Mobile device is personal (extension of the person)

Order your mobile optimized website today and you will get:

  • A professional looking Mobile Site compatible with all smartphones
  • Design will include:
    • your logo and color scheme
    • 5 pages
    • Facebook/Twitter links
    • Up to 10 image
    • video integration from Youtube
    • Internet map with GPS navigation
    • “Click to Call” and “Click to Text” buttons.
    • A script to redirect users from your existing website to the your mobile version.
    • Back-end access to add and update your content
  • F-R-E-E hosting for one year

This is a great mobile website package for only $297!

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