how do i find out which seo company has placed my company on front page of google?

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How do i find out which seo company has placed us on the front page of google?
I received an email yesterday from WORLDWIDE MARKET SOLUTIONS stating I was required to pay £1495 + VAT for google marketing. But if I paid today they would accept £900.
We accepted the 30 day trial but asked for our days to be not in one block. and requested 5 days to 'test the water'
Apparently they have tried to take £99 +vat each month since August but failed. So they now want the full amount. We gave them our bank details for a 1 off payment.

Our web address does not appear on the google listings at the bottom, just on the top by google maps. How can I find out which company achieved this.

Having googled this WORLDWIDE MARKETING SOLUTIONS. It would appear many people are in the same position.

If anyone can advise me how to find out who puts the company name and loaction on google maps or whether they also have had any runnings with the company i would grately appreciate it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can try these……

  2. vishal s says:

    I will recommend you for expected results.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your placement by google maps is a result of google scanning the web (yellow pages included) or you submitting to google places. An SEO company wouldn’t do this for you typically. Google Places actually requires a PIN number be mailed to you to verify the physical address of a company.

    You can review, modify, and claim your listing here:

    An SEO company may, however optimize this listing for you. Please do not pay any company that claims ANY of the following:

    a.) That you are REQUIRED to pay to remain in Google’s index

    b.) That they guarantee any placement

    c.) That they have any relationship whatsoever with Google or Bing to help your rankings

    d.) Claim impossible numbers (1000 links for $50)

    Quality SEO takes many, many hours and poor techniques can easily get you blacklisted. It’s not worth the risk of working with a company that can provide no concrete proof or referrals in this field.

    Please feel free to ask any more questions to me directly.

    Joshua Camp

  4. Anonymous says:

    SEO is a continuous process that requires initial setup and then updates as changes are made to the site. One automated service that I like is

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yikes, Dan. It sounds like you were another in a long line of victims from this shady company, who often masquerades as Google itself.

    It isn’t likely that you can determine with any certainty what factors caused your listing to appear on the top of Google Maps unless it’s an ad. If the listing is there from paid advertising, it should be labeled as “Sponsored”:

    If however it is there naturally (organically from) there really is no way to tell. But, Google goes to great lengths to ensure that nobody can reliably force any site into an organic listing position, whether on local or regular search.

    Finally, it’s important to remember that search result positions mean nothing without the context of the search query. It isn’t hard to push a site to #1 position for obscure or non-competitive keywords.

    So, if your listing is paid, somebody somewhere had to fund the local listing placement. If it’s organic placement, you’ll have a very difficult time connecting any specific actions/individuals with the results you’re seeing.

    By the way, I noticed in the forum threads below that one person actually walked into WMS offices and confronted them. He eventually got a full refund.

    The lesson to everyone is that you should be very cautious about unsolicited approaches for any kind of service. There are a lot of confidence artists out there. You’re on much safer ground doing research on the web and getting personal references to find an established reputable SEO company to do your marketing services.