How to get google backlinks and pagerank?

Posted on: 11/18/2009 by in SEO Tips

since i do have post quality content i don't have any page rank from google.. can anybody please solve this…?!

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  1. Jenn says:

    Watch other websites that you find on the front page of google. Google their .com name to see where they posted their links. If you google their domain name, and they posted it on other sites, you will find those sites they posted it on. Copy them.

  2. Diospectre says:


    Visit, see some links on the most bottom of the page. Maybe you’ll fine some answers right there like how to raise the page rank and backlink of the blog or websites.

    Might help right there.

  3. Anand says:

    Google only accepts links from relevant sources..Since it is difficult to get links from actual websites in your industry, the best way is to make use of article directories and ask-n-answer websites. In these websites, you can create your own article and link to your website, which will add a lot of value because the link to your site is from a relevant article source. Check these websites where you can build links on any topic you want.

  4. Anonymous says:

    well here are the two most easiest and effective ways to get quality backlinks and high page rank

    1. to get quality backlinks go to ..this is where thousands of other site go to trade links with each other, this makes getting links easy and i like it becasue so of the most biggest websites in the world like myspace…ect will trade links with you.

    2. to get a high page rank is really easy..just go to and they will put your site number one on the google search engines in just a couple of hours.