Online Lead Generation

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What is Online Lead Generation?

Online lead generation is the process of driving prospective customers to your website and lead them to take a desired action that results in capturing the lead.

A visitor to your site is considered a lead when they:

  • Fill out a contact form
  • Subscribe to your email or newsletter
  • Enter your contest
  • Register for your webinar or event
  • Call you directly

Internet based lead generation is the primary purpose businesses put up a website. Having a website that generates leads effectively is the difference between providing a constant stream of new leads for your sales team and a website that is only draining your resources.

What is unfortunate is most business owners don’t understand the real purpose of having a website and use “off-line” advertising techniques to lead people to their website. In other words, they have no idea how to get “online based customers” to their website so they only rely on old forms of advertising to drive traffic. 

3 ways companies get visitors to their website

  • The most common is the application of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is the process of making changes that advance a specific website ranking to show up in the search results and is seen by potential customers searching for their type of product or service.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign. You will recognize this as the ads you see along the side-bar of the search engine results page. Google Adwords is the most popular provider. PPC is very effective in generating leads when done correctly.
  • The third method of generating leads, for those companies that understand the power of marketing their business online, is adding social media to the mix.

 While the above three methods are essential to generating online leads, most companies at best only apply one or maybe two of the above strategies.

Why? Three Reasons…

  1. Some business owners just don’t know how many potential customers are online.
  2. It takes a fair amount of time to learn effective web lead generation, even more time to implement and requires ongoing tweaking and updating to stay on top and keep new leads coming in.
  3. Effective online marketing cost time and money. Without understanding the potential return on investment, they only see the costs.

Because these reasons are so common, we knew we had to design a lead generating model that created a win-win situation – the Paid Performance Online Lead Generation is that model.

Why work with us?

We are unique in our approach to generating real measurable business for our clients. Currently, we know of no other company that offers such a unique and effective solution.

Advantages of using our system:

  • Determine pricing on a per lead basis – which means you do not pay a high monthly service retainer
  • Extremely cost effective – which means your are only investing your marketing for the leads that are received
  • Higher sales conversion success rate – we reduce “tire-kickers” by targeting prospects in the latter stages of the buying cycle which means you receive more prospects who are highly motivated to buy
  • Custom targeting – you choose as many products or services as you wish to offer prospects
  • Exclusive geographical area targeting – which means we only partner with you in your selected areas
  • Exclusive high quality lead service – which means you receive all the leads and do not have to compete for the sale
  • Fully scalable – start in your immediate market and expand to other markets as your business grows
  • Budget control – fully scalable for the number of leads you wish to receive per month
  • Increased return on investment – we invest all the time, effort, split-testing, tracking and reporting. We do all the necessary work for you to create a profitable campaign.

Do you have more questions about web leads and online lead generation techniques? The only way to reasonably answer them is to contact us. Use the email form on the top right side bar. 

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