Organic Lead Generation vs. PPC – Rack Up Profits

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Organic Lead Generation vs. PPC – Which is Better?

Using the internet is what builds a business these days. And to create sufficient traffic to your website (and a website is a must have for virtually every business in today's technologically advanced society!) you need to have leads. But how do you go about generating those leads?

Lead generation is the creation of consumer interest and/or inquiry into the products or services a company offers. It is a term that can be defined as a form of advertising with a more specified purpose in mind. A quality lead is the goal of every advertiser because that is how web business is built. That is what leads consumers to purchases and usage of services.

Internet leads are classified into two distinct areas

Organic lead generation and pay per click – PPC lead generation. Organic leads are those that generate directly from a website, and pay per click leads are text or banner ads bought from an Internet advertising company like Google Adwords.

Which approach is more effective at generating the web traffic you want? That is the question.

Pay per click leads seem to be the most familiar kind of lead generation to many, but do they really work? Are they cost effective in the long run? PPC's lead people to your site because they have to click on something to get there. However, many net surfers tend to avoid these advertisements (which you are paying for each time they click) and instead prefer to find what they are looking for through the use of a keyword or words.

Additionally, PPC's can get expensive as there are other companies that bid for the same lead clicks which run up the price per click. This reduces the likelihood of your company being the first one net surfers come across when searching.

Organic leads are ones that you get instantly, making them quite user friendly. This is because potential customers have been to your website so they already know what they are looking for and that they will hear from you specifically. Organic leads are fresh and have no time delay when a user submits an info form or calls you directly, thus allowing for you to reply expediently. Organic lead generation understandably tends to produce beneficial results because it takes you where you want to go without having to click on any advertisements.

It has been suggested by recent internet data, that the ideal way to generate website traffic is a mixture of both kinds of lead generation. What approach will be most effective for you? Much of this depends on the consumer you are trying to reach. That is where effective keywords come into play, which brings us to search engine optimization (or SEO).

Search Engine Optimization is concerned with maintaining the website you have developed, thus enabling it to be reached most effectively by the aforementioned use of keywords. That effectiveness will generate more visits, and those visits attract more consumer purchases and usage of goods and services.

Keywords can be long tail or short tail, with long tail being more specified. An example of a short tail keyword would be "chair" and an example of a long tail keyword would be "solid oak wood chair". Researching the best use of keywords is vitally important in creating web traffic.

When considering the best way to generate leads, there is certainly a lot to keep in mind. Web traffic is what builds your business these days, and keywords will take consumers where they need to go. Organic lead generation is the way to make it all come together.