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Posted on: 05/12/2008 by in Online Marketing

What is the best way to get website traffic? Please dont answer with stuff like purchasing leads. Been there done that. Need good resources

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  1. Angel F says:

  2. raysor says:

    Assuming you have done all the obvious things like validation, optimisation and site map, good original and ever increasing content etc. The only thing left is time. I suppose you can keep tweaking things but growth of any nature takes time. I was quite surprised to see that my website comes high up on Google searches for various phrases about investing, particularly if starting with the word beginner/s.
    This is inspite of competing against much larger and much more commercial sites.
    I shall now endeavour to exploit this situation by targetting more articles on the beginner’s theme. We have started a new website about design and promotion using the knowledge and experience we have gained developing the above website. Please have a look and send us questions or comments;

  3. trailhiker08 says:

    That is the million dollar question, how to get referrals to your web site, one way is to send a link to your family and friends and then ask them to send the link to there friends and family.

    Another way is to learn how to have interested customers seek you out and that where Magnetic Sponsoring comes in, Mike Dillard has a course and the best part of is that you can receive 7 free videos on how to guide traffic to your web site

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  4. kevin s says:

    You have to think outside the box, everyone is trying to get traffic so the more obvious methods will not get you very far. You say you purchased leads, but what did you do with them? Everyone is quick to throw the blame as a scam, but you got what you paid for. Leads! Its your job from there, Is your website optimized correctly? are you using the right keywords? Are you offering content, product, or service that is in demand? Does your website look and feel trustworthy? Is your website easy to navigate? Does it grab the attention of the visitor in the first five seconds?
    I could go on all day, but I think you get the picture. Get your website right and you won’t need to buy leads, your customers will be searching for you! If you do buy leads what are you doing with them that everyone else isn’t already doing? Everyone is looking to find a magic method that is going to make them money, but I can assure you that there is not one quit waisting your time and money! Start working hard, and working smart. What can you do that everyone else isn’t already doing?

  5. mantra says:


    You dont’t know how to get traffic…..

    As per my knowledge, link building has become a vital feature of the naughties’ SEO landscape. Here is no standard way of going about getting back links –

    A few tips and ideas are suggested here for your perusal:

    1. Directories
    2. Social Networks
    3. Articles
    4. Forums
    5. Blog Discuss

    These is are all free process for getting good traffic…

    with regards,

    source :

  6. tequila09 says:

    Purchasing leads doesnt help.
    Try forums, article submissions, social networking, my space, adwords, etc. Build a opt in list, place tell a friend script.
    There are some articles on my site and free books and tools which will help you.

    Good luck

  7. Jaques O says:

    Ok i’ll give you some good sources. I’ll include just a few free sources, because i personally think free advertising don’t work; the traffic you get is not targeted in any way, and every Tom, Dick and Harry also advertise there. It’s a waste of time.

    Writing articles maybe another option, but many people can’t or don’t wanna go that route.

    So hopefully my sources might help you.

  8. Af says:

    forums and sites like digg are good! also try – its good for traffic and page rank.

  9. comps says:

    Write articles about your website or ideas.
    Submit your website for users to review, free!

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