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Posted on: 07/06/2007 by in Online Marketing

Hi me and my buddy wants to open a business and the website is a essential part of it. My buddy wants this name for our website URL which he thinks is essential. The problem is that this URL is taken , he wants to break the name of the URL into two words using the "-" sign for example would be . My concern is that having a "-" in between will it cause us to lose a lot of traffic to our website. Because when the website is mentiones word of mouth etc will poeple forget the "-" in between and not find our site. Also how much does it cost to get listes on a google search.

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  1. ♥Porsha♥ says:

    usually – doesn’t have any impact. it would be best though to have a complete name without hyphens. adding your url to any search engine is free. for google go here

  2. Somebody Loves You says:

    You concern are correct you could send you customers to there website. Or there customers may come to your’s. I would find another name.

  3. Business in Barnet says:

    The hyphen does not matter. People will still find you and depending on the keywords you use, you may get more traffic.

    What is more concerning is that the main URL has been taken. Therefore even with your hyphenated URL, your visitors may mistakenly go to your competitor’s website.

    More serious still, are legal aspects of the name. Maybe you need to think again about the name. Did the competitor “trademark” the name? Is it such a unique name that however you spell it, the competitor may come after you for infringement and “passing off”.

    On balance, my advice will be to consider another name, and whichever names you choose, make sure all the URLs and business names are available, before you even consider using it.

    Good luck.

    Business in Barnet

  4. SELL2K_com says:

    Do NOT break the domain up with hyphens.
    My suggestion if you really like a particular domain name is try adding an “E” or “I” in front of the name first such as or, and if they are taken then go with something completely different.

    hope this helps, SELL2K

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  6. Yvonne L says:

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  8. CaptainTechno says:

    I wouldn’t go with hyphens. Use an e or i in the beginning as this will help alleviate confusion when spreading word of mouth.

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  9. Anthony says:

    This is what you want to have for the optimal domain:

    1. Should be a DOT COM (not .net .biz .info .ws or anything else).

    2. Should not have hyphens.

    3. Should not confuse letters and numbers (i.e. where you use a zero).

    4. Should not use words that can be spelled differently or are hard to spell.

    Anything else and your competition will thank you as that’s where your traffic will end up.


  10. Happy Go Lucky says:

    Build your own opt-in list.

  11. stannas says:

    If the URL you want was in DOT COM try DOT WS
    There is also a 7 day free trial

  12. STEVE H says:

    I think if you are worried about this type of thing you should try looking into using .net or .info instead of .com. That way you can keep the name the way you wanted it.

    Having a hypehn should not be that big a deal though, and if its traffic your worried about here is a report on gettting free traffic to your website that you may be able to use.

  13. Tom T says:

    hyphens are fine!

    Most of my sites have hyphens and they do as well as the non hyphenated

    Need more website visitors?

    Good Luck,