What is the best way to get a website traffic?

Posted on: 12/16/1005 by in Online Marketing

What is the best thing to do to get more traffic for one's website? It is just an entertainment website, it is not for business or for marketing, I want to just advertise just the website.

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  1. Vijay K Marishetty says:

    frst tell ur frnds to hit tht website atleast 50 time a day and post tht on google search engine – if it is a movie site then imagine some search/key words which a common lay man (or a person who doesnt surf internet much)and tht to ur webpage keywords. so depending on wht site ur plannin – KEYWORDS are the key factor and try to post ur link on leading websites for starting couple of months and once u get famous – u can remove frm thr website – but frst TELL UR FRNDS TO ACCESS THT SITE VERY OFTEN – TILL it gets famous on the google search engine………….gud luck

  2. Moldarin says:

    It’s real easy; make a good site. Add it to dmoz, Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN Search and so on…

    All engines likes a W3C valid site, so you should go and check that out aswell.

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